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My son Preston Fawcett has taken pitching lessons from you the last 3 years. Right
now the Georgetown team is 3 games from going to the Little League World Series
for 50/70 league. Preston has pitched 9 innings in tournament and given up 2 hits. I want to thank
you for helping him realize his potential and hope that your best wishes help us
to win next 3 games. The intermediate 50/70 league winner goes to Livermore,CA. We won State
tournament last week and have sent home Indiana,Iowa and Illonois last 3
games.Whoop Whoop. We might have big deal here coach.


Ian Fawcett


"As a parent and a coach you wonder if what your doing is sinking in.......all the time spent driving a kids to practice, games, coaching him, etc. Well, this time one sunk in. Here is a paper Eric wrote for school.

Thanks for your efforts with Eric,

Scott Chamberlain"


My kids have been here for three years in a row and can't wait until next year!

 Mr. Barrow


Sorry, I forgot to call after the first one, but I just threw another no hitter!!!
Derek Mol


Hey Rick,
       Just a thanks to you and coaches, for another outstanding
season for Colvin. I would also like to mention that he went all the way
through the playoffs without a hit on him, as well as two homeruns and
many successful at bats. His most memorable game was when a coach called
no mercy, Colvin threw the whole game, 68 pitches to win the game 20-1
had 6 hits 5 runs and 6RBI's... Wow!  He is now in the Allstars and they
have been undefeated ( and still no hits on him) in both the first and
second brackets with two games left before state championship. Senta and
I would just like to thank both of you for all of your support,  great
advice and friendship you have shared with Colvin.
God bless you guy's for what you do so well!
     Craig, Colvin and Senta Rozegnal   7-12-11

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 Welcome to Kreuger 's Baseball School
Rick Kreuger, a former Major League left handed pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Tokyo Giants offers instruction on pitching and hitting techniques for success. This school offers a quiet, private setting where attention to detail is critical to success and parent involvement is a definite plus...since my goal is to turn the parent and player into "coaches".  By doing this they will see and understand from a coach's perspective, allowing them to enhance their development and relationship. 

A current teacher and former Cornerstone University head baseball coach, Coach Kreuger knows how to interact and transfer the skills necessary to compete and enjoy the game of baseball.  Coach has trained over a thousand different pitchers ranging in age from 7 years old to professionals and has had tremendous success.  He is the sole pitching instructor and prefers this approach versus multiple instructors.  "We keep a notebook on each pitcher and I know them personally to maximize their skills and make our time as productive as possible. I will move to the higher levels of instruction in sync with the player's progress.

Rick is also a fellow teacher and friend with Dick Mills from All About Pitching.com or Pitching.com.  Dick Mills refers clients to Rick for continued professional pitching instruction and they share a common belief that science based information, personal Major League experience, thousands of pitching customers and countless hours of study provide the best instruction one can find.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Video-taping is a critical part of my instruction.  Using sound sports science principles makes common sense when maximizing your pitching skills.  A video analysis is your best insurance policy against injury and improving your skills.  Ask about getting your own personal video analysis which I will send the to you through e-mail for your records.

We start taking reservations beginning the first week of November with indoor training on Saturday, Nov. ...Get ready for some fun and serious improvement!!  As Coach Mills and I say: "Pitchers are made in the off season!"

We meet with students at local baseball fields during the summer for instruction..give us a call!

"Humility Comes Before Honor"
 Proverbs 18:12 




 Summer Baseball & Softball Character Camp 2013

 We had a great camp this year using the character trait of Alertness.  Each day we had a different definition for Alertness that was to be memorized.  Each of 12 teams had a daily captain that was taught by his team that definition and if recited to the coach their team received a treat.  Needless to say they did great and a lot of treats were handed out.  Other highlights was the home run derby, games, and a visit from the Whitecaps chaplain and two players.  Each participant was given a baseball to get their autographs.  The final day, as always, was fun with the dunk tank, super slide, obstacle course competition, and goody bags with T-shirts, etc. inside.  We got some great feedback from parents of how excited the kids were and how they were already looking forward to next year!  One favorite game that the players liked was the Ricochet balls...they also taught a great lesson about character and a true bounce (good character) and a ricochet bounce (bad character).

 This year's 2013 camp  will be held as usual on the third full week of July (July 22-26) from 8:30a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Hudsonville Little League fields off Port Sheldon, west of 28th.  We hope to have an as exciting time as last summer.  The cost $120/player, but if you bring a friend/brother/sister the cost is $100 each.  Ages 7 (or on the way to 7!) to 14 yrs old.  Register above at "Registration " tab.  Mail in $30 deposit or whole amount to KPS, 4664 Sheldon Ct., Hudsonville, MI 49426

Former Major Leaguers Rick Kreuger (Boston Red Sox) and Rob Ellis (Milwaukee Brewers) along with & Ron Engels (Wyoming Park Hall of Fame Varsity Coach) headed up the baseball instruction. Softball instructors were Paul Myers (Holland Christian Pitching Coach), Sarah Kreuger (Cornerstone University).

Camp high points: Practice diving catches on mats, Home Run derby, Hitting balls with upside down glasses, Games (age appropriate), White Cap player and coach testimonies, Wet & Wild Friday is complete with Pizza!!! and Gifts from area merchants and Coach Kreuger!... like Whitecap tickets for you and Mom/Dad.  Check the pictures out below or on the Gallery tab above.

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