Terms of Agreement

"By filing this form electronically, I give permission to my son/daughter to participate in the activity at Kreuger's Baseball School or event sponsored by Kreuger's Baseball School. I further understand that participation in such activities may cause injury to my son/daughter just by the nature of the activity.  I take full responsibility for any injuries suffered by my son/ daughter(other family/friends) or person(s) delivering my child and will hold Kreuger's Pitching School, LLC (dba Kreuger's Baseball School), the partners of such, and the staff of Kreuger's Baseball School harmless for any injury, loss and/or damage.

I further assure that my son/daughter has no health problems that would prevent them from full participation in the activities involved in the event or class they are registering for I am solely responsible for their safety and have fully inspected the facilities used by Kreuger's Baseball School to host such activities. I take responsibility for monitoring their physical condition during such activities, even though I might not be in attendance.

I fully release the facility owners, Kreuger's Baseball School, its sponsors, staff, instructors, officers, agents, partners, and any representatives of any liability, loss, or legal action and further agree that this applies to their heirs, assigns and persons acting on their behalf. including a coach, parent, or guardian.

Electronic agreement and submission of this form acts as agreement to our terms of agreement. No additional signature will be requested."

Application Form

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Media Release
I authorize Kreuger's Pitching School, LLC (AKA Kreuger's Baseball School) to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, audio recordings, or other media which display my child; for the purpose of promoting Kreuger's Baseball School and/or the Baseball/Softball Character Camp in any media format. Client email address will be added to Kreuger Baseball School email list.
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