About Coach Kreuger

Rick Kreuger, a former left-handed Major League pitcher with the Boston Red Sox (1975 World Series team), Cleveland Indians, and Tokyo Giants offers instruction on pitching techniques for success. His school offers a private setting where attention to detail is critical to success and parent involvement is encouraged. The goal is to turn the parent and player into "coaches". By doing this they see things from a coach's perspective, allowing them to enhance their development and relationship. 

With more than 15 years of teaching experience (both middle school and high school), over 30 years of coaching pitching, and as  the former head coach of the Cornerstone University baseball team, Coach Kreuger knows how to interact with players of all ages, and transfer the skills necessary to compete and enjoy the game of baseball.  Coach has trained over a thousand different pitchers ranging in age from 6 years old to professionals; many of his students have had tremendous success. He is the sole pitching instructor and prefers this approach versus multiple instructors:

"We keep a notebook on each pitcher to maximize their skills and make our time as productive as possible. Video analysis is a critical tool used at every session since one cannot see all the faults in the kinetic chain of the fastest movement in sports.

Rick was a fellow instructor, friend, and affiliate with the late Dick Mills from Pitching.com. They shared a common belief that science based information, video analysis, Major League experience, years of coaching experience, and countless hours of study provide the best instruction one can find.

"Humility Comes Before Honor" means being a teachable student of the game with a respectful attitude toward players, coaches, and fans. That kind of humility leads to the respect and honor that the great players strive for.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis is a critical part of my instruction.  Using sound sports science principles makes common sense when maximizing your pitching skills.  This is your best insurance policy against injury and improving your skills.  Ask about getting your own personal video analysis which I will send the to you through e-mail for your viewing.

"Humility Comes Before Honor"
Proverbs 18:12

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