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It's always great to hear from satisfied students and parents! Take a look at a few recent testimonials...

Hey Rick,

So far Jenison Freshman have played two double headers.  Josh did really well.  Was starting both days in first game. He pitched both complete games and stayed under 75 pitches (not sure the actual count).  In the first week, against Mona Shores, he only let up two hits and one run (also one walk), with five strike-outs.  Today, he pitched a no-hitter with eight strike-outs against Kenowa Hills.  Mike Huene  4-19-19



After completing an off season of pitching instruction with you, my son Matthew has been developing as a young man and pitcher.  I love sitting back during practice and watching you interact with him even when he's discouraged with his performance at that time.  

I want you to know you've taken a very discouraged, low self esteem boy and built him up to be very confident with the craft of pitching.  He grabbed onto that mission statement- Humility before Honor and embraced it.   His last team and coach took the life of baseball right of him(and several other boys), the strong words and with little to no instruction or encouragement from the coach, it was time to make a change.  Your name came up from several sources and we saw God leading us to you.  He was telling us you where what Matthew needed at this time in his life.  You've taught him the correct mechanic's to pitching, reinforced them, and now he has learned to adjust when you tell him too.   My wife and I thank you for investing in our son and look forward to continued growth. 



Mark & Lori Perkin  5-16-19


Saturday Ayden pitched for 4 scoreless innings as they went on to shut out an undefeated team. Five days later, he pitched 
a complete 1 hit, 77 pitch, with 18 first pitch strikes, 13 strike out game! After taking pitching lessons from Mr. Krueger 
over the course of one winter, Ayden has been able to expand his pitch selection and build confidence on his current pitches.
 Through form, pitch selection, and building confidence when facing batters. We have nothing but good things to say about Coach
 Krueger and his approach with techniques in teaching young pitchers the art of pitching. Greg DeBoode    4-25-19



My son Preston has taken pitching lessons from you the last 3 years. Right now the Georgetown team is 3 games from going to the Little League World Series for 50/70 league. Preston has pitched 9 innings in tournament and given up 2 hits. I want to thank you for helping him realize his potential and hope that your best wishes help us to win next 3 games. The intermediate 50/70 league winner goes to Livermore,CA. We won State tournament last week and have sent home Indiana,Iowa and Illonois last 3 games. Whoop Whoop. We might have big deal here coach.



Ben Sheckler (San Diego Padre draftee 2016)

I began seeing Coach Kreuger the winter of 2012-13, my senior year of high school.  I had horrible mechanics and was always dealing with arm soreness after throwing.  I was an average high school pitcher at best.  Rick was able to completely change my delivery from herky-jerky and awkward to a smooth, fluid, and comfortable.  As a result of my new delivery I immediately saw improved command and velocity.  The arm soreness also went away.  I went on to be the ace of my pitching staff that spring with a .96 ERA and 82 strikeouts in 43 innings.  If I hadn’t seen Coach Kreuger that winter I would not have had a successful senior season and ended up at Cornerstone University with a scholarship…eventually signing with the San Diego Padres in the 8th round of the 2016 MLB draft.  To this day I use Coach Kreuger’s checkpoints when I need to make adjustments in my bullpens and in games.  I owe much of my success to Coach Kreuger and am very thankful to this day.  We still train in the winter off season.


As a parent and a coach you wonder if what your doing is sinking in.......all the time spent driving a kids to practice, games, coaching him, etc. Well, this time one sunk in. Here is a paper Eric wrote for school.

Thanks for your efforts with Eric,


Can't wait!

My kids have been here for three years in a row and can't wait until next year!

Mr. Barrow


Sorry, I forgot to call after the first one, but I just threw another no hitter!!!



Just a thanks to you and coaches, for another outstanding season for Colvin. I would also like to mention that he went all the way through the playoffs without a hit on him, as well as two homeruns and many successful at bats. His most memorable game was when a coach called no mercy, Colvin threw the whole game, 68 pitches to win the game 20-1 had 6 hits 5 runs and 6RBI's... Wow!  He is now in the Allstars and they have been undefeated ( and still no hits on him) in both the first and second brackets with two games left before state championship. Senta and I would just like to thank both of you for all of your support,  great advice and friendship you have shared with Colvin. God bless you guy's for what you do so well!



My son, Jimmy, was 8 years old when he started with Rick. He is now 17 and a senior at Rockford High School and Jimmy is considered one of the top pitchers in the state. I think that I can say from firsthand experience, that Mr. Kreuger may be the finest 'pitching coach' in the country (certainly for youngsters). All through little league we listened to the opposing team's coaches (and the other team's parents) 'complaining' -- "of course, he's that good, he works out with Rick Kreuger".. it was then, and is still true today. Jimmy has a leg-up (pun intended), because he put in the time with Rick. He learned the fundamentals, he learned the strategies, he learned to move the ball, he learned to hit his spots, he learned a beautiful fluid delivery, but most importantly, he learned from a nice, fun, enthusiastic, positive, knowledgeable man. I whole-heartedly recommend Rick Kreuger to any young man who is serious about becoming a better pitcher.

THANK YOU Rick, you are the best.




Thank you for letting J.J. participate in your baseball camp.  We appreciate the concept behind your camp-building character & putting humility before honor...while the rec. leagues and little leages teach wining at all costs and building big egos.  This was the highlight of J.J.'s summer.

Cindy & Jim


I needed to write and let you know how impressed I am with your summer baseball camp.  My son struggled in hitting in Little League this year for several reasons.  He has come home very excited the past couple of days because someone had said that he was a good hitter and today he hit a triple in the scrimmage.  What you have done with him in four short days has far exceeded anything his Little League coaches did (they would stand on the sidelines and shout instructions).  My son is excited about the pitching techniques he is learning and the character training (my favorite part).  I hope you continue to run this camp- I highly recommended it to everyone I've talked with.  Thanks for sharing your faith, your gift of teaching the skills and your time with these boys.



Wyoming Advance News Article: "Dustin Amsler tosses three no-hit games"

Amsler credited many of his baseball accomplishments to the help acquired by Kreuger's Pitching School.

Derek, Again

Hey Coach!! I just wanted to let you know how Derek did last night. The 1st inning he pitched a total of 13 throws. The 2nd a total of 18 throws, the 3rd he had a total 15 throws and was able to pitch the 4th inning and had a total of 17 throws. He had an awesome game!! He also was catcher for the final 2 innings and had some great plays at home plate. He made the final out to end the game in a tie. He is so much fun to watch, and he really gets into the game. His mental game on the mound has really improved as well.

Thanks for all the great advice to him. Hope all is well with you, we miss lessons!!

Take Care- Renee

Ahead of the Game

I hope people know that your school is far ahead of other schools in the sense that they have the same Major League coaches (Rob and yourself) every lesson and that you develop a more personal relationship because of are not just pushing kids through the system. The involvement of the parents helps us to be of more help to our sons and become better coaches to other kids. My son has become and exceptional player because of you guys.You are the greatest!

Thanks again, J.V.


Coach- Those pitching lessons have paid off big time for Caleb!


Derek #2

I just wanted you to know that Derek pitched 5 innings of no hit ball Friday nite!  Thanks for all the work you have done with him...

Mental Growth

Our son has really been helped not only from the physical lessons on pitching but a lot on the mental side which you include in your teaching. He is an all star this year!

Thank you,



How are you doing, Nathan finished his little league and did awesome pitching and hitting. It was obvious that he had teaching outside of what the coaching staff could provide. He had a great season. He struck out 2 batters an inning on average!


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